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Corruption & Scandal: It’s Time to Change

As a Malay living overseas, I feel great shame in the way my government is behaving. I feel ashamed that high-ranking individuals from neighbouring countries have mocked me for the level of corruption in my government and how it is filtering down through all echelons of society, like a cancer, slowly spreading to the point of no return. Are we there yet?

I wonder why governments from around the world are still so happy to deal with such a despotic government. We see Donald Trump welcoming Najib to the White House, Theresa May receiving Najib to Downing Street . Why? In light of all the allegations of corruption, in spite of the overwhelming evidence of grand theft, they are still silent. Silence equals acceptance. As George W. Bush once famously said, “You are either with us or against us”. Therefore, if you do not take a stance against a thieving politician, a thieving politician who has stolen billions of dollars, then you are with him.

By publicly or even privately welcoming this thief into your home of office, you are giving him the thumbs up, the approval, and the recognition that he does not deserve. I’m not an idealist, and I fully recognise the need for the world’s leaders to sometimes turn a blind eye to other country’s domestic wrongdoings. It is hypocrisy and disgusting, such as dealing with countries like Saudi Arabia, but we mostly understand the reason why; oil and oil dependency, as well as having a ‘friendly’ and controllable country in the Middle East.

But Why Malaysia?

What hold does Najib have over Donald Trump or Theresa May. What has he offered them? How are they benefitting? Malaysia is a pawn in the grand scheme of world politics and importance. Why then, do these leaders ingratiate themselves to him?

Why don’t the American or British public start to question this? They should take a stand against their governments for welcoming and supporting such people.

Why are the British and American people so ignorant in their knowledge, yet claim to be the leaders of the world? Why are they so stupid and oblivious to all of this, when it’s even reported in their own newspapers? Why are they so cowardly to make a stand and lobby their government? What kind of democracies are these?

It’s very simple: Najib has stolen billions upon billions of dollars, siphoning it out through his own accounts, and using third parties where possible. The paper trails have been exposed and published for the world to see. It has embroiled people like Leonardo DiCaprio who were recipients of gifts and sprees funded by stolen money linked back to Najib and his family. It has spanned the world and created scandals and shock waves, yet still the British and American public walk blindly by.

We Have to Stop This Nonsense

We cannot accept leaders from the so-called ‘free world’ to support grand theft. In the UK, there was the Hatton Garden safe deposit burglary where about £10million was stolen. A massive police operation uncovered the perpetrators. That was £10million. Najib has stolen $10billion. That’s right. BILLION! The money has gone missing, we have the paper trail, and we have the evidence. Why don’t the governments investigate? Why don’t they impose sanctions? Why don’t they take action? Why don’t you take action? Why don’t you lobby your government? Why don’t you create a petition?

Why do May and Trump condone theft? Why do they allow my people’s money to be stolen and housed in their countries? By condoning theft, you are thieves too.

Theresa May and Donald Trump are just as guilty of theft as Najib. Guilty by association – Guilty, guilty, guilty.

Take action. Tell your politicians to stop condoning the rape of our country by standing up to Najib and rejecting his behavior, condemning it and isolating him, his family and his troop of conspirators.


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